Gone too long

It’s been a long while coming, but I’m back.

Here I am sitting in front of the computer, trying to motivate myself into getting my book published online.

If you haven’t seen already I’ve put up my self-publishing website called Morepork Press. You should go and have a look at it. I also put it on Facebook, twitter and Instagram so go like, follow and share the stuff on it.

It’s been a fair few months (count about 10) that I’ve posted so I haven’t died or dropped off the face of the earth.

I’m still living in Perth, Western Australia and loving it. Still unemployed, not loving it. Although I am actively looking for work, so if you know anyone in the Mandurah/Peel region looking for a customer service person, email back.

My book is coming along slowly but surely, writing is not coming easy to me at the moment.  I’ve yet to write the ending of my highbrow fantasy novel and start on the next one.

I know where the story is going and how it’s meant to end but getting there is starting to be an uphill battle, which I wasn’t prepared for.

Writing blog entries is surprisingly easy for me. This post is pretty much writing itself.  I think the problem comes down to structured writing. Rambling is easy, one word in front of the other and away you go. Something that needs to go from point A to point B and I’m lost at point K (I didn’t even know there was one!). Urgh!

Writing wise, I’m currently sitting in a barn while a storm rages around our protagonist and I have no way of getting him out of there, what with him being a Hammer and all. I’ll probably have to do a flash back…..six months earlier…..or something along those lines.

I do enjoy the process of writing through, watching all your characters come to life and then go off and have adventures without you. Your just sitting on the side lines cheering them on while they have boss fights and fall in love with inappropriate people.  Typical characters.

There’s nothing else really happening, still looking for work, still enjoying life with no money, only internet.

I will be posting more frequently now that I have some more motivation and I feel really close to the end of my first novel. I’m probably not, but hey, dreams are for free.

P.S Go look at my self-publishing site, Morepork Press.