Where have I been? Well……

It’s been 3 weeks and one day since I moved to Mandurah, Western Australia.  And I’m loving it!  The weather has been great, the people are great, the food is cheap and the alcohol expensive. Moving to Australia was the best idea ever!

I’m currently helping out my cousin Danielle with her 2 kids while she’s waiting patiently for number 3 to turn up in December.  If all goes to plan for her the due date is 25th December, so yay Christmas baby.

I’m also doing the school run in the morning and afternoon for Izabelle who is the oldest of Danielle’s kids.  She is a bundle of chatting energy, she really needs to go to a dance class or something to get it all out.

My writing is coming along well. I’ve written the first draft of my story I am planning to publish in November, so that’s working out for me. I just need to go through again maybe two or three times to tighten the story up and it will be ready for public consumption.  I’ll just need to learn how to format the story to eBook reading standards and then update my website and also put up my “indie press” website as well. I need to have a n indie press label to make my book look professional.

I’ve finally unpacked all my belongings and put them away where they belong. Three ginormous suitcases full of crap you don’t want to leave behind really just ends up being crap you should have thrown away before you moved. All my poetry books made the trip and so did my little nick nack stuff. My little cat statue from Trade Aid (made in Bangladesh), Mr Happy, Little Buddha, Potai the littlest dragon, my light up mini Christmas Tree, Shepard the Sheep and my name candle pottle.

The gang




I really love this stuff. I’d find it difficult to part with any of this.

So with that I will finish with a haiku about my stuff.

they sits and stares out
as you aimlessly wonder
where you got them from