Since I’ve been gone…

I tried to write a post last week about how sick I was, but couldn’t muster the energy to even turn my computer on. That’s how horribly sick I was.

Sick person

It’s cold and flu season down here in New Zealand and I unfortunately am not immune to the evils of runny noses and hacking coughs. I had two days off work last week, which my boss was not impressed with, what with my other illness dramas unfolding in the last few months.  I understand from a manager point of view about having all your staff on board and healthy and happy. But in a retail environment and at an airport no less this is not going to go smoothly.  I come into contact with literally hundreds of people a day in my job and not getting sick every second week is a miracle in itself.

In saying that I’m not going to be at my job for that much longer. I start a new chapter in my life in September when I move from Christchurch, New Zealand all the way to Perth, Australia.  I’ve only been to Australia once, even though it’s only over the way and flights to the land of Oz are cheap.  So exciting things are happening for me in the coming weeks and months.

I am also looking at launching my first ebook in November of this year. It’s going to be centred around the adventures of an inanimate object and hopefully if all goes well, be book one in a series of four. Details are still under wraps as I am still in the middle of writing the book, but closer to the time, all will be revealed (cap swishing noises in the background).

So I will now leave you with haiku about the Christchurch earthquakes,

Rumbling escapes
throwing the city into
rock and roll heaven