Let’s Get Digital with Gumroad

I’ve mentioned David Gaughran in one of my previous posts before and I’m doing it again.

I’ve just read through his ebook Let’s Get Digital on self publishing and why you should do it and it was really good. Well written, informative about the aspects of publishing we all have problems with and a really good overview of where and how self publishing is heading. As someone who is heading in the self publishing direction I cannot rate or rant about this book enough. I would give a copy to everyone with writing aspirations and tell them to read this before that sit down and start writing.

This post is also a shout out to Gumroad who I highly recommend using when wanting to publish your own work.  Gumroad is a selling platform where you can put ebooks, comics, license keys for software, tshirts, anything you can sell really and make a decent profit from it.  Gumroad only take 5% + 25 cents per sale. A lot better then some of the other selling platforms around (I’m looking at you Amazon).  So if you want to stick it to the man and publish/sell online through your website, then Gumroad is the answer.

Just to be clear, I’m not being paid by Gumroad to promote them, I genuinely believe that they have a great set up and that set up works for me. I’m not saying it’s going to work for everyone. But for those of us who want to self publish and sell from our own websites then this is it. Gumroad.

So as a nice little gift to everyone (all 3 of you) who are going to read this, I have put my first product on Gumroad courtesy of David Gaughran and you can download and have a read of it.  It’s the ebook Let’s Get Digital which David has kindly made available free of charge on the condition that I acknowledge that he is the author (hoolah!) and I make to profit from sharing his ebook in pdf form (no moolah!).

So here is the download link to Lets Get Digital (opens in new tab).